Charlottenburg Bahnhof #1- 2 January 2000


2 January 2000, Charlottenburg Bahnhof, Berlin

Berlin-Charlottenburg is a railway station situated in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin. As usual I was always on the lookout for a photobooth and thus, very pleased to find this one. I was in Germany for the Year 2000 celebrations, and spent New Years Eve at the Brandenburg Gate. What an amazing night!

What did you do for the millennium celebrations? Please let me know in the comments section, below.

These come from my series Photobooth 41 Year Project. You can see all the posts that document the series by clicking here.


    • I would assume you to have been in Germany but perhaps you are not German, as I thought? I guess Peter is not a German name…


      • yes, you’re right, it’s a greek name, like your name, too 😉
        and i am german but i’m not really from berlin i just happen to live there.


        • Interesting that you are Peter and German. What is the Greman version of Peter? I know it means “stone” and that there is a version of it in French, Pierre and Spanish, Pedro, so I imagine there it is a version in most languages where Christianity has taken root?


          • that is absolutely correct. and the fun thing is ‘peter’ is the german version of ‘peter’. it’s just pronounced a bit differently than the english version. it’s more like rhyming with ‘skater’ but that’s still a bit off. if you’re interested you can check the very interesting pronounciation site for it:
            the user ‘vortarulo’ does it really good 😉


  1. Literally can’t remember. But I know no photos were involved. Well, I hope no photos were involved.


    • Funny and I am surprised you have no memory of the night but I am beginning to see that it was not the NYE for everyone that it was for me. You are the third person on this blog not to remember what they were doing that night.


  2. John said:

    I can’t remember what happened back then. Heh… Your so pretty!!


    • Thanks John for the compliment! How are you feeling? Why am I the only one who remembers what was supposed to be the most memorable NYE of our life time? I am the one who is known for being a dozy-brain!


      • John said:

        I suppose you weren’t totally blitzed? Heck, I can’t remember much anymore anyway…


        • No, never was a big boozer. No one else remembers the night except me. Guess that is why!!!


  3. peersea said:

    I MAY have been in Sydney at a penthouse apartment party, with a great view of the Harbour Bridge fireworks. I say may, bcos it was a big night, but perhaps not as big as your night in Berlin?


    • So it was a drunken rave obliterated from memory by over-consumption for you, eh Piercey? I guess that is why no one else remembers the night either! Being a moderate to no alchohol consumer has its benefits.


  4. m.lever said:

    I flew back from the Caribbean (where I was doing research) to meet my Russian girlfriend In London.


  5. I sat on my couch waiting for the world to end, watching fireworks in all the capital cities around the globe. No big celebrations on my island… it’s slightly smaller than you live on. (Is your’s called an ‘island’? Now that I think about it, maybe not.) Good news… the next morning, the power was still on and I was alive.


    • p.s. in re: this strip… you do look a bit pixilated.


      • Yes, it is an “island continent” and it is just a tad bigger than your island. I’m glad the end of the world didn’t happen. Looking back on all the Y2K fuss it is very funny, inn’t it?

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