Colourful Scary Clown


I think this clown is too weird to be called anything other than terrifying. The thought that he may have offered his services for children’s parties is quite disturbing. He has what appears to be an all seeing eye on his forehead making him look like a cross between a demented yogi and a cyclops. On the top of his curly green wig appears to be two ends of ribbon suggesting a bow? I can see that one of his three button badges has a photo of a clown on it but cannot be sure if it is a self-portrait.

Another badge says Clowns of America International, so presumable he was a member of the organisation. There is also another badge  with a Peanuts character rip-off of Snoopy and Woodstock with Bully For You written on it. I ask myself what that is meant to convey? To me it convey’s weird and scary!

Below are some enlargements of this American booth photo. Below that is a link to a fascinating history of clowning focussing on contemporary clown trends in the USA and exploring the origins of the form which exists in some way or other in most cultures. Please click on the image to read.

photobooth 5 photoboothBullyForYou badge photoboothClownBadge

View at

  1. John said:

    These people scare the he++ out of kids, so why do they not go away… I suppose not all are scared but they are really nasty. Sorry, I am being mean.

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    • Totally agree with you. Most clowns are horrid. I take a perverse pleasure in collecting photos of them, but I really don’t like them at all, they make me feel unsettled. Apparently that is the point of clowns. I only know that from the article that is linked in this post. Who knew that they are supposed to make us feel uncomfortable?

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      • John said:

        One of my sister-in-laws will screech and run from them or be freaked by a photo. Remember the old movie Killer Clowns From Outer Space? I think that was the name. Cheesy movie but an old classic.

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  2. The makeup job is amateurish. Not the design (which is not great), but the application.

    Most clowns are ‘fun’ clowns… but it seems the rage lately to make them creepy or scary… I prefer scary over creepy… best one of those is the clown on last year’s American Horror Story.

    And here’s a thought… I think this clown is a woman.

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    • I can’t see the picture just now, so I will have to go back and have a look at it more closely, Ted. That would be very interesting if it were a woman. I think creepy AND scary is not desirable in clowns. I think I would find clowns funny if they had the clothing but not the make up. They fascinate me either way.


  3. I like clowns, but I agree this one is a little creepy. I think it’s the all-seeing eye that does it, making the image look more psychotic than fun. By the way, you probably know this, but just in case, “bully for you” is vintage American slang for “good for you” or “bravo for you” or “congratulations”. Such a sentiment might make sense if the clown is hired out for birthday parties or similar events.

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    • Hi Matt. No I didn’t know that! I thought bully for you was sarcastic and meant something along the lines of “it’s alright for you to have that or to have succeeded at that, but you shouldn’t boast about it”. Glad you popped by.


  4. This clown with his Third Eye is the creepiest thing ever! He is in his fifties, I guess. First I though it was a woman, but probably not. Don’t know what took him to the photo booth…
    Your link is amazing, but I think it was a mistake to read it before going to bed… 🙂

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