Togetherness – Sultry Lady, Lucky Soldier


Someone has kept these two battered and dirty photobooth photos side by side for a long time, possibly in a purse or wallet. They found their way to a US flea market in unison, too.

With no information on the backs, these photos could have been taken anywhere, but the uniform of the soldier and the style of luxurious, tumbling curls of the young woman mark these as having been made at a particular time; WW2. There is a melancholy look to their smiles. Was it a wartime romance cut short by an imminent departure for duty, perhaps?

It is cute that they both blinked at the same time in the second image. It gives the impression that they are both meditating on their love, sending their thoughts to each other through their heads-together embrace. You can see the soldier’s hand at bottom right of each image, holding his girl tight. He never wanted to let her go.

I hope it wasn’t just the photos that remained together. Now that these photos are mine, I can guarantee, that at least in these two dimensions, they will never be parted.



  1. Brett said:

    Kate, I like your suggestion that in the second pic the two might be meditating about their love. Of the two images, the second connects with something more touching.

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  2. Great images Katherine, I especially like the one where they both have their eyes shut as it’s unusual.

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    • Indeed and strangely others with the same ‘fault’ have gone for huge prices that I have seen, yet no one wanted these but me!

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  3. elmediat said:

    Hold -Close your eyes – on
    this moment remember now.
    framed with this Time’s hue.

    A Haiku meditation on Wartime couple’s portrait. 🙂

    I’ve been listening to BBC-radio Language & Poetry online again. 😀

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  4. May be they closed their eyes to make a wish? I don’t know why, but I feel very sad for them 😦 I hate wars.

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    • That is a beautiful thought, Inese.

      Re war. We never learn from our past mistakes. I think that is because mostly the men at the top who give the orders, rarely expose themselves to the realities the troops suffer.

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  5. Yes, could be a last moment photo together. He looks a bit like some of my father’s uncles.

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    • Actually I can see a bit of you in him, now you say that.

      Yes, a last moment. It has a sad loving feel to it.


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