Just What Is Going On In This Photo?


When I was living in Guatemala, my companion and I boarded with a local family who took in travellers from all over the world. We met some fabulous people and some peculiar ones. We learned to be wary of a very odd young lady, who amongst other unusual habits, would offer her hand to recent arrivals and ask them to “sniff this”. It was invariably at breakfast time, after she had just emerged from her bedroom, so the offer was usually brusquely and firmly refused.

So has the gentleman with his bodgie hairstyle, (look it up, those of you who don’t come from Oz) proffered his hand for a good sniffing, or for a strangely ardent kiss? The photo is so funny and weird. What do you make of it?

The photo was from a Serbian seller, so I hope it is from Serbia. It was taken in Hagen, Germany, in December 1964.

(Update 19 August, 2016) My thanks to Peter from Documenting the Obvious for working out where this strip was taken.

photoboothSerbianCouple 2

  1. It looks like they are having fun whatever they are up to – he looks like a bit of a jack the lad though!!

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    • Thanks for commenting! I tried to leave a comment about the horses in the pink hats and the article about German language use of See for sea and lake, but for some reason it rejected the comments. My iPad, I guess. I like the small things you write about. It is very interesting.

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  2. I imagine it involves illegal substances 🙂
    BTW – worth sticking with the Kills video I posted under Northern Exposure:

    It appears to be filmed in a photobooth and is vaguely reminiscent of the above once Jamie Hince appears.

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    • Fantastic! I know The Kills and love their music. I did a post a while back about their photobooth obsession but never thought to look at their videos. Will definitely check it out. Thanks!

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  3. Moni said:

    Very interesting story there, indeed! The look on the girl’s face makes me wonder what this is all about!

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  4. oglach said:

    Very interesting; unique, to say the least. Naughty, naughty, people. But at least they are smiling.

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    • Sheesh! I knew the word Hagen was familiar! Thank you. I’m sure you are right. I guess it doesn’t mean they are not from Serbia. (I want them to be from there for novelty’s sake.) I wonder if many Serbians visit Germany?


      • …of course they could easily be from Serbia nevertheless 🙂
        I don’t know the statistics but i guess Germany (rather not Hagen, though) was worth a visit in the sixties, too 😉

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  5. It’s a cute pic. She has quite a hairdo. Reminds me of the old lady in the Katzenjammer Kids comic strip. Have no idea what they are doing in the second.

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      • I don’t think so. Maybe she is kissing his hand or biting it. I think she was posing in the booth, and he popped in on the third shot. Maybe he has a flower in his hand. But that change took place in just a few seconds, so she took his hand and brought it up to her face. He looks like Jerry Lee Lewis.

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        • Hey, yeah he does! I like biting his hand. Now I come to think of it, I used to know a boy who loved that.🙄


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