Halloween 2016


I made these strips in my favourite photobooth in Melbourne some months ago. I so rarely get to either of the two remaining chemical booths in Melbourne, that I need to take the opportunity to get festive when the occasion arises.

Last year I was only able to get to a colour digital booth. Black and white is more suited to the Day of the Dead of course, so I was glad I planned ahead.

My skeletal friend disappeared into the background of one or two of the pics, so I added a light smattering of permanent marker to make sure you knew he was there!

Happy Halloween to you all!

  1. John said:

    Your so cute in these!! ❤️ I hope all is well with you.

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    • Thanks Kendall. It is only now gaining traction as an event in Australia. I was a bit “bah, humbug” about it until I saw the celebrations in New York and Montreal in 2009. I now love it, too.

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      • You are welcome! Glad you like it , too! It is such a creative holiday! I made my own costumes when I was a kid! Loved it!

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  2. LOVE THESE!!! I like #6 with skeletal friend. And the one below it, almost like the Ventruquilist being pulled out to the picture. I sure see that little girl on the right in these photos. Thanks for brightening my Halloween!


    • Oh, my god, I slaughtered the spelling of ventriloquist! Your skeletal friend must have been guiding my fingers.


      • Spelling the “v” word is definitely someothing for the supernaturals to handle! xx


  3. Love the added marker for your friends head. Great shots Katherine 💀


    • Thank you. He was quite pleased that I thought him important enough to “artify”. 🙂


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