Teddy And Friend


With badly peeling emulsion, this German photobooth photo went for a song. Deterioration such as this never bothers me, in fact I think it adds to the image’s charm. The missing emulsion is probably due to the fact that this pic was trimmed and glued into a photo album.

The modern design of the print fabric of this girl’s dress, belies the fact that this photograph was taken in the 1930s. I don’t think there is much about the photo that suggests it is over 70 years old.

It looks to me to be a celebratory photo. Her Mutti and Vatti have just bought this fluffy new teddy, spotted a photobooth and decided to mark the occasion. Our sitter is truly delighted with her new friend, isn’t she? I wonder if she chose this particular bear because he also had a big ribbon bow like the one she is sporting?

It is delightful the way our little girl is supporting her bear so tenderly. She is holding his left paw, as one might hold the hand of a child that is sat on one’s lap. Mr Bear seems a bit distracted, though. His attention is definitely focused on something outside the booth. He is probably already sick of all the human chatter and is looking for a more ursine entertainment, such as a snack. As Pooh-Bear says, “It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like ‘What about lunch?'”.

  1. I’d say that is a pretty good assessment. Mr. Teddy looks a bit startled as he has swiveled his head to the right and is on alert. Do you think he has spotted a Zombie approaching the booth?

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    • Definitely Ted! Bears have an acute sense for things supernatural in the vicinity. 👻


        • Strangely it had never occurred to me that zombies would smell. Rotting flesh would have a certain odour, to be sure! You have had way more experience with them, so I bow to your expertise.

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  2. Great image. I agree about the damage to photos, it adds to their character and is part of their story 🙂


  3. Every time I look at your photographs I say to myself – hope all was well.


    • Thanks Inese. Yes, the spectre of the Second World War looms large in many of my German booth photos.Despite the fact that there are so many conflicts raging in the world at the moment, I have read that this is still the most peaceful time the world has lived through in the last 150 years or more. I am grateful for that, but we still need to be ever vigilant in our response to acrimony and division.

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      • Yes, the scale of division the world has been experiencing lately is enormous, and it saddens and concerns me a lot. The sad part is that people don’t realise that they are manipulated into this division, and they keep blaming each other.


    • Please stop sending these very silly messages. This is the fourth one!! I have deleted the others. I have a degenerative illness that makes my life extremely difficult. Please see my “About Me” page. I am not able to visit as many blogs as I would like, nor am I able to write all the blog posts that I want.Thank you for visiting my blog but I cannot get involved in tit for tat “Liking”.


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