Little Rabbit

Germany 1930s

“Wave for daddy!”

This little boy is obviously feeling a bit overwhelmed by his encounter with a photobooth but is still relaxed enough to wave at the camera and  hold his toy gently. I guess it is possible that the wave was a precursor to a vocal plea to be let out of the strange box he had been deposited into, but I prefer to think that this was, overall, a positive experience for him.

I believe the bunny this lad is holding is made by Steiff, as it is just possible to see the trademark button in its left ear. It appears to be holding something in its paw but I cannot work out what it might be. I am also unable to find anything similar online, yet again! All ideas of what it is, are, as always, gratefully accepted.

Easter is coming, so this is the first of three rabbit themed posts I will be doing to celebrate.

    • Very pouty. No, he is wearing a little pair of button up shorts, not that it is very clear in the scan, I hasten to add.

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  1. Easter, we Chinese tradition no Easter, there are ghosts (legend :that in this festival once a year out of ghosts).Do you believe but ‘believe’ intermediate have ‘lie’.anyway believe or believe in your eyes. Not in someone else’s mouth thank you your post. Best regards

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    • Do you mean to ask if I believe in ghosts? No, I don’t but I love ghost stories. I know some Japanese ghost stories. I know many of their stories came from China first. It is wonderful that you have ghosts in your cultural traditions. Thank you for your comment!


    • Thanks Mr O. I think . . .

      I almost used “wabbit” in the title. Didn’t think many would get it but Elmer Fudd is well remembered, it seems.

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  2. Cute idea for Easter, Kate. I thought the sitter (isn’t that how you photo booth people say it?) was a girl too. Maybe the bunny has a carrot? Wonder what color it’s bow is?

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    • You wanna see a cute idea for Easter, stay tuned Ted! You will either laugh or cry.

      Using the term “sitter” may just be me using a term for painted portraiture that isn’t normally used for photography. I’m not sure!?

      Bunny most likely has a carrot, but maybe it is just his bow. If the link in another comment is anything to go by, his bow is golden and he is purple!


      • PS. His clothes are definitely boy clothes. It is hard to see in the scan but he is wearing shorts.


      • Well done! It does look very similar and I wonder if the wabbit in the photo (sorry, I mean rabbit :)) isn’t holding anything at all now. Maybe what i can see is just the bow around his neck?


  3. Jennie said:

    I love this post. You really pick up on the subtleties of your photos, especially this one.

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  4. Imagine trying to get a bouncing lad like this to sit still whilst doing up six fiddly buttons on his shirt! I think feralc4t has put the finger on the button with the pictures of the Steiff bunny and carrot.

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    • Hi Tony,
Yep, mothers had it tough without velcro and stretch fabrics, I’d say. I agree feralc4t found a great match.

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  5. Hi Tony,
    Yep, mothers had it tough without velcro and stretch fabrics, I’d say. I agree feralc4t found a great match.


  6. I imagine the adult trying to convict the little boy to be still during a single second to get a beautiful photo, a memory that will last forever.

    Alice:How long is forever?
    White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.

    Lewis Carroll – Alice in Wonderland

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    • Marcelo, that is such a lovely quote! Yes, especially for a child a second can feel like forever, but in the context of a photo, that one second really does last forever. I love Alice in Wonderland but had forgotten that gem. Thank you. ❤🐰❤

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    • I’m very envious of that Jim. Except the bit about not knowing what happened to it! 😊😊


  7. Poor little boy…I guess we’ve all been through that! You got me curious so I had to google Steiff bunnies 1930’s, and the images were so fun to browse through. I didn’t see any quite like this one and I’m sure you already searched. It reminded me of a tiny Steiff bear, or likely Steiff, my mother had as a child during this same time period. I still have it. It’s about an inch and a half long. Apparently she took it everywhere so it’s very, very worn, but that adds to the charm. Thanks for the distraction!

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    • Wow, that is a teeny tiny bear! Yes, searching online for old toys can bring up lots of fun things. Glad this gave you inspiration to have a google-snoop.

      I still have my mum’s bear, too, now I think about it. He was handed down to my brother and then to me. He was very moth eaten, so I took him to the Teddy Bear Hospital in Melbourne and had him patched up. Then I took him to a photobooth, of course! 😊

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  8. Candia said:

    Thanks for following my posts.
    You have an original site!


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