Half Bunny Munching Whole Bunny

22 March 2017

This strip is one which I took after doing my Easter photos for 2017. I wasn’t going to let a perfectly good Easter prop go to waste or miss an opportunity to take more pics. In order to get my choppers around this delectable morsel, I had to first remove my bunny cheeks and teeth. The ears fell off when I removed my hair-tie. I’m still wearing my beautiful pink eye shadow and eye-brows, making this Easter series slightly more than some photos of a greedy-guts scoffing some chocolate.

Happy Easter to everyone!

    • He he he! 😄 I can almost predict your comments when I get dressed up and play the fool Ted! You should see some of my latest silliness! “Oh Dear Lord!!!” , probably won’t be sufficient then. 😱

      X x ❤️ x X

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  1. K, you look a little “Lee Godie” -ish here….. anyone else think so???? (tee hee)!!! :-)) (Pretty sure its the eyebrows, you should have colored them in pink….then it’d be right on)!

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  2. Once upon a time there was a little Easter bunny that..

    – Oh, what a glutton girl!. You have devoured it before I can tell my tale. 🙂

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