Photobooth Journal Lomography Magazine Interview

I am very grateful to Peter from Documenting the Obvious photography blog, who let me know last week that an interview I did with Lomography Magazine had been published. I had been checking their site on and off, hoping to find it but without success.

It is the second time I’ve been mentioned on but the first time I’ve been formally interviewed.

The link is here if you’d like to have a read. This is the previous mention. Thank you to Ciel Hernandez, one of the copywriting editors of Lomography Magazine, for contacting me. I was very pleased to be asked.

  1. Congratulations on being featured in Lomography Magazine! I enjoyed reading the article. I have been curious as I’ve been exploring your collection where you would place it in the Age of Selfie.

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    • That is a very difficult question, Liz. Even though I publish the photos, making them public was never my intention when I started taking the photos. I had been doing them in earnest for almost 30 years before starting the blog. I think that makes them less narcissistic than a selfie. (Did you know that the term “selfie” originated in Australia? We turn almost every descriptive term into a truncated diminutive here!) Where they might fit in is another question entirely. Not into the dresser they are currently bursting out of, for one thing! 😊😉

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      • No, I didn’t know that the term “selfie” originated in Australia! I think you’re right about photobooth photos being less narcissistic than selfies. Maybe it’s that using a photobooth is more of an actual experience, and the resulting strip of photos tells a story.

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  2. Brett said:

    Kate, that’s a wonderful interview! Love all your different guises in the variety of photos and periods featured with that piece. (And you’re gorgeous in all!) 🙂

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    • Thanks for the compliments, Brett. I have to admit, I do make for a cute “man” and cleaning lady. Looking at the pics I chose makes me laugh. What a dag I am! (In case the term is new to you, dag is the Aussie version of “not cool”. 😌)

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      • Brett said:

        Cute — oh, defo! And a lovely Sheila to boot! “Dag” is a new one for me (quite the ripper to learn it). I’d be more the cheeky larrikin. Well, enough earbashing from me. Hooroo, Kate! 🙂

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        • 😁😁😁. Your Aussie slang is a tad 19th century, Brett but full marks for the effort. Earbashing 👍🏼👍🏼, defo 👍🏼👍🏼. Glad to hear you have a larrikin streak! 🤩

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          • Brett said:

            Gotta love online dictionaries of slang. I wondered how reliable they were — I guess not very. Well, I was a dag with that post! 😉

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            • He he. Yep. There is an affectionate undercurrent in calling someone a dag in some circumstances. You might call a good friend a dag if they tell a terrible joke or leave the house with their dress accidentally tucked into their knickers, so yes, you can definitely be called a dag! 😄🌟

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  3. Congratulations on the article which is excellent and brings you much deserved attention. Carry on the work – it’s so interesting.

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  4. Congrats on the article! I love all the photos of you in the piece and agree that photobooths are truly like a TARDIS!

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  5. obenwa said:

    Congrats!! Absolutely love the article! Can’t wait to see more from you!

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  6. Just arrived home from a P&J show at Covent Garden, no less! Looked for a photo booth to make more puppet pics, but failed to find. Hey! Well done on getting an interview! Congratulations. That’s fantastic. And I agree with above – well deserved. Always enjoy reading your blog and look forward to reading the article(s). Cheers.

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    • Thanks Tony! Congratulations to you, Mr Punch, Judy, Crocodile et al and stage manager Heather, too of course. How wonderful to have performed at Covent Garden. You are in good (nearby) company with Joanie S., Kiri te K. and other stage luminaries. 😉


  7. Congratulations Katherine, I enjoyed reading the interview and wish you the best with your continuing work.

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