Montreal Plus One – 26 May 2003

26 May 2003, Montreal, Canada

I was in Montreal for a conference that my then-husband was attending. This is Donna who I met for the first time at that conference. We got on fabulously and stayed friends for a number of years until we, sadly, lost touch.

This strip of photos comes from my series Photobooth 47 Year Project. The complete set of posts to date, can be seen in reverse order at the link Photobooth 45 Year Project (Archive) under the Categories heading in the side bar, on the right of this post.

For those of you who are new subscribers or visitors to this blog, UK artist Dick Jewell made a video using photos from this project in 2012. It can be seen on Vimeo here.


  1. Look at those smiles!! When I saw that first photo come across my email, I assumed the two of you were long-time friends.

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  2. Stephen said:

    I love the film! You really explored the creative possibilities, even bringing props (and dogs) in with you. I’m inspired to hunt up the few photobooth strips of me that I think still exist. I’ll pass them if I find them.

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    • OMG (🙄😆) that would be fabulous! I’ve just scanned some booth photos that a blogging friend sent me last year, but they are ones she found. I’m always thrilled by the generosity of fellow bloggers to even think of sending me pics. If it never happens, it is no less exciting, so no pressure, Stephen.


  3. Stephen said:

    Do you have a count of the number of booths you’ve been in, and where they all are? Would be interesting to see.

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    • I don’t have a list per se, but a general location is recorded on the back of every strip. If I was so knackered all the time, it would be a fun thing to work out. I need an enthusiastic assistant to pursue this, methinks!


  4. Vibrant colors, I had forgotten that photobooth strips were other than b&w. You should look your friend up sometime.

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  5. le duch said:

    salut njoy

    Garanti sans virus.

    Le sam. 12 oct. 2019 à 02:26, Photobooth Journal a écrit :

    > Photobooth Journal posted: ” 26 May 2003, Montreal, Canada I was in > Montreal for a conference that my then-husband was attending. This is Donna > who I met for the first time at that conference. We got on fabulously and > stayed friends for a number of years until we, sadly, lost to” >

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    • Fantastic! Are they all from a photobooth or are they digitally created to look like booth pics? Thanks for the link.


  6. Vinville said:

    Funny thing about losing touch with a dear friend – seeing pictures of times when you were having fun, brings back all those smiles and happy times. I’ve recently reconnected with my bestie from high school (sadly, at her fathers funeral) 😦 – it’s good having her back in my life. She’s still a gem – neither of us remembers how we lost touch…… life, sometimes takes on it’s own agenda. Good to know we can still derail it for the better. She’ll surface Kat – who knows, maybe she’ll see this and it will be like old times again. Hugz… Vin

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  7. Helloooo! I’m so glad to “see” you. Hadn’t seen a post in a long while and was wondering about your health. Looks like you have recovered somewhat? 🙂

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    • Hi Brian. It is nice to be back. I’m not recovered at all, sadly. Blogging is taking the place of the small amount of activity I was up to but am no longer able to do. Saves me going potty whilst needing to be horizontal!

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  8. Val said:

    Nice to see some more pics of you, Katherine. The film reminds me of a birthday present I did for my sister a couple or so years ago: I had one of those blocks of photos of her as a child (she’s older than me) for passport photos – you know the thing where there are 30 or 40 or more photos of the same size on one sheet? – and I matched them up for progressively different positions she was holding, then coloured them and then put them together as an animation. Only short, but it worked quite well. 🙂

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    • They sound like images from the Polyfoto company. Do you have the animation linked on your blog, Val? That is the trouble with always using the WP reader – you rarely go to the actual site.

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      • Val said:

        No, as it was a present, I’ve not put it up. I might do another some time if I can find another page of photos but of someone unknown. That said, it took an awful lot of energy that I rarely have!

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  9. Kate Prendergast Mesirow said:

    HI – I am an old friend of one of your subjects, Marie Louise Walker.I think you photographed her about 7 years ago. WE went to LAMDA together and we have lost touch. I lost her email about a decade ago. Could you give her my information and let her know I am worried about her with all the fires and that I’d love to be in touch. Thanks so much, Kate Prendergast (married name Mesirow)..YOu can find me on facebook under my full name and you can see the pic I shared of yours to find her. I am sorry to do that without your permission.

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    • Kate Prendergast Mesirow said:

      PS – I love your work! And i put my details in your email sign up. here it is again
      Kate Prendergast looking for Marie Louise Walker.

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      • Hi Kate
        Mars has received your email address. If she hasn’t already, she will get back to you soon. Thank you for subscribing to my blog! Kate


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