Babbette Hines – Photobooth

I love it when I find a familiar face in a photography book.

Sometime ago, my friend Ted sent me this gorgeous book on photobooth photography, by Babbette Hines. I immediately recognised the face on the page below, and therefore that the gentleman concerned was lurking in my collection somewhere . . .

And here he is, below, in all his glory. He exhibits all the marvellous variety of expression one would find in a Derek Zoolander calendar. His trademark “look” could be named Grey Nickel rather than Derek’s Blue Steel, perhaps?

His uniform could be that worn in many jobs but I’m thinking he is a security guard due to the lanyard around his neck, for an identity card and what appears to be the aerial for a walkie-talkie in his hand or pocket. That notebook would come in handy if that were his job, too.

As a security guard he might’ve worked in a mall and therefore, could also have been regularly in the vicinity of many photobooth machines. Seeing people having fun retrieving their photos, might’ve tempted him to grab a few snaps for himself, to relieve the tedium of the job. If Babbette Hines found some of this gent, and I found some more, I wonder how many other strips of his might be out there?

  1. Xraypics said:

    Just shown this guy to my family. Noone likes him. He isn’t a fun guy, looks a bit Germanic, perhaps rather inflexible. Security guard a good job for him, indeed, the superintendent of a very efficient security firm, no less. I would love to know his story and why he takes photobooth pictures of himself. For a secret lover perhaps??

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    • He doesn’t have an approachable face, does he, Tony? I’m almost certain he wasn’t taking photos for a lover, full stop, let alone a secret one! 😆

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    • Yes! 😆 Do they still exist or do I just not look at people the way I did when I was younger?


  2. I think that is more of a military shirt or merchant marine, denoting rank on the shoulder. I like the Zoolander comment.

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  3. That is an interesting thought that there might be many more photos of this unknown man waiting to be discovered. The poor fellow is most unphotogenic.

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    • I find the idea enticing. I think his “unphotogenicness” is part of his appeal! 😁


  4. Val said:

    I agree with some of your other commenters that he does not have the most pleasant face (and does look like he has some Germanic origins) but that said, it might be that the booth lighting is making his face look worse than it is – and that type of glasses with their thick lenses certainly don’t help. Also he has tilted his head back and that gives him a snooty ‘I am better than you’ look. It’s a pity it’s been printed on textured paper otherwise whatever is written on the paper in his pocket might be readable. I can see some writing on it but it’s too small to make out what it is.

    Babbette has a lovely face, unlike her subject!

    I wonder if you could track down the stripes on his shirt shoulders and find out what they were from? To me it looks something like a seafaring man would wear.

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    • In theory I’d like to do that research but I’ve found that I’m not terribly good at getting results. There are a few of my ex-servicemen readers who will definitely let me know if they recognise the stripes. I’ve had some great “instant research” done by the fabulous people of the blogosphere. I’m so grateful to them!

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      • Val said:

        I’ll keep an eye open. If I come across anything similar, I’ll let you know. 🙂

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  5. le duch said:

    hi babbette je m appel duch tu peux regarder mon site you tube le duch.j ai fait beaucoup de photobooth avec mon ami mixup photobolo [image: P1020311.JPG] [image: P1020314.JPG] [image: P1020318.JPG] [image: P1020321.JPG] [image: P1020325.JPG] th galery check it out and you ll see our work hope you like it .today photobooth are expensive so i go boothing only when i find a old one njoylife le duch

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    • The videos of your work are fantastic! You have made images that are unique and exciting. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!


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