This two image strip of photos was purchased for me as a gift from a marché aux puces, south of Paris. Brian of Equinoxio blog, very kindly sent me this, and several other portraits, in August last year. Three sets came from photobooths, some were small studio photos and some were from a Polyfoto studio.

I chose to share these first as the reflection in this gentleman’s very groovy glasses, is so pronounced you can see some of the details of the booth’s interior. I’ve never seen that before. The reflection is likely the instructions on how to operate the booth, but I’m guessing, for the details are indistinct.

I would say that these pics were taken in the 1960s as my dad used to wear very similar glasses and ties in that era. I’d like to think this man was a writer, solely because I think one of these photos would’ve made a fabulous author’s portrait for the dust jacket of a novel.

  1. What an intense look. Kind of Arthur Milleresqe, so you may be right about him being an author… or an astrophysicist. I would guess 60’s too. Interesting about the reflection.

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  2. Stephen said:

    So many stories come to mind about who this guy was. Madison Ave. advertising executive, or mid-west high school science teacher, or…. Don’t get me started!

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  3. Xraypics said:

    This fellow looks like a younger version of my anatomy teacher. He was a nice guy, very serious, and a general practitioner who was struck off the medical register after being caught making love to one of his patients (who was the instigator as it turned out. So this could have been him in his hunger days, full of good intentions, much loved, emotionally vulnerable, and attractive. Incidentally he once told me that during the “scandal” and subsequent medical board investigation and trial, the number of new female patients on his books skyrocketed!

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    • What an incredible story Tony!! You must’ve known him at university, I guess. I can’t imagine a high school teacher telling a student that history. It is tragic that he lost his career because of his “hunger days” – Yep, I guessed you meant younger but autocorrect wasn’t totally off the mark!

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  4. I also immediately was reminded of Arthur Miller. Actually a cross between Miller and my own father.

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    • He reminds me a bit of my dad in that era, too, Shayne, but I think it is mostly the 👓.


  5. maclancy1950 said:

    He definitely has that author look. Those glasses are back in style now. I love that you envision a life or story into your photos. I would guess he was a smart man as well. He also reminds me of mad men era guys in LA.

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    • Thanks Marianne. I never thought those glasses would make a comeback, but they sure have!


  6. Interesting suggestions – Arthur Miller, high school science teacher, an amorous doctor. I was thinking, Elvis Costello in an alternate existence.

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    • The comments come from a creative bunch, including yours! (Love Elvis Costello! 😄)


  7. Wow! You did rush ahead. I am so pleased of the result. Looks very good on your blog.
    Now, I think he is a mad scientist who worked on the Manhattan project. 😉

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  8. Val said:

    That’s a fairly timeless look for a certain type of man, don’t you think? I could see him putting his feet up at the end of a day and smoking a pipe. What strikes me is how the shape of the glasses match his face – they are more vertical than most horn-rimmed specs, sort of like each lens has been narrowed or squeezed.

    If you could rescan at about 1200 dpi or 2400 dpi and email it to me, I could try to find out what the reflections show? (Free.)

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    • What a wonderful offer, Val! Thank you! I think my scanner can do that. How can I send it? Email? Do you use Dropbox?

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      • Val said:

        Scan it and let me know what size it is. If it’s under 20MB you can send it by email. Can you see my comment on the wordpress dashboard in the comments area? If so, you should be able to see my email address too. If not, use my contact form and I’ll email you back. If you’re not sure how to get to your scanner’s settingsto do it that high, download the pdf that’s on my colouring work page on my blog and it’ll help.

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  9. le duch said:

    [image: P1020281.JPG] [image: P1020282.JPG] [image: P1020283.JPG]

    Le dim. 20 oct. 2019 à 07:01, Photobooth Journal a écrit :

    > Photobooth Journal posted: “This two image strip of photos was purchased > for me as a gift from a marché aux puces, south of Paris. Brian of > Equinoxio blog, very kindly sent me this, and several other portraits, in > August last year. Three sets came from photobooths, some were small s” >

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