Another Price Stunner

Two hundred and twenty five dollars!  This is a standard sized photobooth picture, 40 x 50 mm. It has “some residual glue or sticky substance” on the right side, with wear to the edges. Even as an avid collector I can’t figure out why someone was prepared to pay so much for one little, “distressed” photo. Will I be posting another record price soon?  Who knows? The market is certainly hot at the moment.

  1. Greta Francis said:

    Extraordinary price. I wish I’d been the seller.


    • I agree it is a great composition, Brad, even if accidental, as it no doubt was. It’d be great if it was someone famous but I guess that wasn’t important to the buyer as you can’t tell who either subject is. I guess . . . 😄

      I have some semi-famous people in my collection, the most notable being Lou Costello’s stand-in of many years. Even with the connection to someone so big in film and comedy history, the photos were not expensive at all. Let me know if you’d like to see the pics I mean.

      Thanks for dipping so far back into my archives, btw!

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