Big Rabbit


Germany, 1930s

This little lady in her hand knitted cardigan and skirt seems to be listening intently to instructions from outside the booth. At the time this photo was taken in the 1930s, booths were operated by a controller who would guide the sitter through a series of predetermined poses. So the person to whom she was listening, while most likely a parent, could also have been the operator.

I wonder if her rabbit was a festive gift? When I was little a stuffed rabbit for an Easter present would’ve been very welcome, as long as it also came with lots and lots of chocolate eggs, of course.

Easter is almost here. Yay! This is the second of three rabbit themed posts I’m doing to celebrate.

  1. She looks happier than the last little guy! And that is quite a rabbit! Looking forward to the next one. 🙂

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    • Hi Roberta, yes, she is a much happier little soul. It sure is a magnificent bunny. The next Easter post is a bit different to the first two. I hope you will like it.😁

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  2. Quinn said:

    Her rabbit toy is amazing! I love it. It’s like a giant Sylvanian Family rabbit.

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  3. I love these old photo booth shots. Until your blog I had no idea photo booths exited pre-1940’s. FYI, I had a small pink and white bunny for many years who always appeared at Easter time sitting in my basket among the candy and colored eggs.

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  4. This is a cute one. Nice Easter theme photos, Katherine. So funny to look at her listening to someone. Would love to see what her next shot was and how she posed.

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  5. I really love these older ones! It’s hard not to wonder who the people are, where they are, and what happened to them. Love this one!


  6. Cuuute! I had no idea that’s how the photo booths worked back then — thanks for the history. I bet someone knitted her sweater. Sweet!!


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